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Посвећеност Тајланда равноправности у браку




Thailand’s parliament has passed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage, marking a historic moment in the nation’s journey toward comprehensive human rights. This not only signals a significant shift in societal norms but aligns Thailand with the global commitment to ensuring equality and justice for all citizens. The bill’s passage has been widely celebrated and is seen as a testament to the administration’s dedication to fundamental human rights.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, Thailand has taken substantial steps to advance the rights of its people. Prime Minister Thavisin’s unwavering support for the marriage equality bill has been instrumental in its progress through parliament. His administration has emphasized the importance of equality and non-discrimination, ensuring that the bill received the necessary backing to pass its initial readings. This legislative milestone is also likely to bolster Thailand’s image on the international stage, showcasing the nation as a continued leader in human rights within the region.

The legalisation of same-sex marriage is expected to have a positive ripple effect throughout Thai society. It stands as a powerful statement against discrimination and underscores the importance of acceptance and understanding. A recent survey by the Pew Research Centre, revealed that 60% of Thai adults support the legalization of same-sex marriage, showcasing Thailand’s current stance on the issue and placing Thailand among the leading nations in Asia.

Овај закон ће истополним паровима обезбедити иста законска права и одговорности као и њихове хетеросексуалне колеге, као што су могућност усвајања деце, доношења хитних одлука о здравственој заштити за своје партнере и приступ бенефицијама за супружнике, укључујући пореске олакшице и државне пензије. Снажна јавна подршка једнакости у браку одражава позитиван помак ка већем прихватању и укључивању у тајландско друштво. Уколико буде усвојен, очекује се да ће закон решити многа од ових актуелних питања.

The bill’s progress has not been without challenges, yet the dedication of the current administration, lawmakers and activists has ensured its continued advancement. Support from various sectors, including civil society groups and the public, has been instrumental in pushing the bill forward. Approval from the Senate and the royal endorsement is still required for the bill to become law. However, the anticipation and optimism within the broader Thai community is palpable and it is widely expected to be enacted by 2025.

Thailand’s intention to legalize same-sex marriage is a remarkable achievement that highlights the country’s evolving attitudes towards diversity and inclusion. The commitment of the Thai administration and its people have been pivotal in driving this change, ensuring that Thailand remains on a path towards greater justice and equality. As the bill nears its final stages, it brings with it the hope of a brighter, more equitable future for everyone in Thailand.


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