Надамо се да ћемо ускоро држати Британију након #Брексита, каже Меркелова


Germany wants a Brexit deal to keep Britain as close to the European Union as possible, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, adding that the outlines of an agreement on Britain’s departure from the EU needed to be in place by November, пише Тхомас Есцритт.

Speaking to an audience of students in Hanover, Germany, Merkel said there was scope for Britain to pay to continue to participate in individual EU programmes, such as the Erasmus student exchange scheme, but added that crucial questions like the Ireland-Northern Ireland border were very complicated.

“I am very keen that we do it (Brexit) in a friendly way,” she said. “We want to be as close as possible after Brexit, and as close as the British want it to be.”


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