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Астана ЕКСПО 2017: Привлачење учесника




W_1308_R01_1600_801_90While concluding their event in Milan this week, the international exhibitors are looking forward to their next ambitious meeting – Astana EXPO 2017 ‘Future Energy’ – which has already sealed  more than 50 agreements for the gathering in Kazakhstan’s young capital, which wil be preparing itself to host five million guests in a giant international event. Attracted to the EXPO and celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Astana as the nation’s capital, both participants and visitors will be keen on exchanges concerning the most vital issue for all, action for global sustainability in the consumption of energy. Kazakhstan, abundant in various natural resources and exporter of oil, gas and uranium, is calling for energy savings and a responsible environmental approach – a progressive stance challenging the global community to include the Astana EXPO in their busy agendas.

Regarding modern technologies as a key element in the strategies for saving energy, the choice of Samsung Electronics as a partner of Astana Expo 2017 appears to be a successful move, setting the framework for the event. The company has been much appreciated for its Galaxy devices, so does not need any introduction to followers of worldwide progress. However, it is Samsung’s philosophy of promoting renewable energies and their readiness for the creation of wind and solar clusters along with energy-saving technologies that have brought Samsung into the limelight in Astana.

Други моћни партнер ЕКСПО-а је Кина – сусед и највећи потрошач енергије, која убрзано заобилази САД у мерама енергетске ефикасности и контроле загађења. Кина је ангажована да помогне у промоцији ЕКСПО-а код куће, у складу са договором постигнутим у оквиру државне посете председника Републике Казахстан Нурсултана Назарбајева Пекингу. Уз оглашавање, кинески партнери намеравају да пруже консултантску, информациону, аналитичку и методолошку подршку, преносећи искуства са ЕКСПО 2010 у Шангају. Овај потез се сматра значајним напретком у промоцији Астана ЕКСПО 2017 у Кини, привлачећи инвестиције и бројне посетиоце.

While South Koreans and Chinese enjoy their privileged places, registering participants have also intensified their efforts to acquire prominence – India has requested a maximum size pavilion. A large producer and active consumer of coal, India faces the challenge of shrinking exports caused by consumption reduction due to the toughening of ecological legislation in the EU and the LNG revolution in the US. The increasing home consumption of coal puts a strain on the environment, which is causing public concern and raising interest in clean energies. The largest Indian tourist companies have already agreed to co-operate with the EXPO team in managing the flows of visitors streaming from different continents.

With the confirmation of Brazil entering the event, the exchange at EXPO promises to have a real impact – up to now the Brazilian government has not been keen on ‘clean energies’ such as wind and solar, preferring economic growth to environmental concerns. The world’s public and NGOs are still awaiting for sound legislation from the Brazilians in order to adopt considerable cuts in emissions, following the Europeans in their ambitious plans to fight the effects of greenhouse gas emissions.

Although the EU is attempting to be progressive, close-up examination shows an apparent divergence of approaches and opinions. Some, such as the Hungarian government, are openly considering the EU institutions a ‘major problem’, hindering national sovereignty, while setting their plans for an Energy Union with unified policy. And the Polish leadership is discussing holding a pro-coal summit, which has been widely criticized by the Greens. The UK, on the other hand, has confirmed its participation in the Astana EXPO, and has clearly stated its devotion to the cutting of greenhouse-gas emissions according to EU targets – an increasing investment in clean energies appears to be a stable trend, as is the interest to share its experience in new energy-saving technologies.

Among the participants of the 2017 event are those with whom Kazakhstan has a special bond through the shared tragic experiences of the past – the tiny state of the Marshall Islands’ presence at the EXPO is out of the ordinary. In 1950, the United States Atomic Energy Commission admitted the Marshall Island as being ”by far the most contaminated place in the world’ due to US nuclear tests. This is similar to Kazakhstan’s Semipalatinsk site, where the population suffered for generations from the consequences of the USSR’s nuclear test explosions – a reminder of the responsibility of political leadership in mastering energy for peace – a paramount message of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is promoting non-proliferation in action. Kazakhstan renounced its huge arsenal of atomic weapons, estimated as the fourth-largest in the world, choosing instead peaceful atomic energy use, and remaining an unrivalled model for modern peace in a tumultuous and belligerent world.


Високо поштовање Казахстана и његових настојања огледа се у ангажовању Светске банке и Пројекта Уједињених нација за развој на догађају у Астани. Светска специјализована изложба у Астани одржаће се од КСНУМКС јун до 1 септембар 2017 in the pavilion site constructed for the occasion – the number of participants continues to increase, including high-profile members of the international energy community such as Argentina, Qatar, Saudi Arabia  and Sweden, however the EXPO’s large pavilions are ready to host all who are interested in contributing to progress in the smart and effective use of energy.

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